Honor, Remember and Celebrate

Sign our Wall of RemembranceClick the image above or the link below to Sign our Wall of Remembrance

We honor those who have served by creating awareness for their needs. Our soldiers gave of life and limb. We can and should recognize their sacrifices by giving something back. Remember the fallen, and never forget their sacrifice. Celebrate the freedoms we have to enjoy everyday thanks to those who serve.

Sign our Wall of Remembrance.
Honor, Remember and Celebrate with The Sea2Sea Foundation.

Why we Honor, Remember and Celebrate: Sea2Sea was founded by Tom von Kaenel, a retired US veteran, after a horrific cycling accident left him wondering if he would even live much less walk again. Tom was medevac’d to Landstuhl Trauma Center in Germany where injured troops from Iraq and Afghanistan are regularly treated. After extensive care and many set-backs, Tom got back on his bike. This time, he got back on his bike, with a new destination in mind: To raise awareness and funds for wounded and disabled veterans from the UK and US. He chose to do this by cycling more than 4200 miles across the US and Great Britain. Starting the journey on April 16 in Brize, England and continuing from the Ocean City, Washington (near Seattle) and make his way to Washington DC by the Fourth of July, ultimately finishing in Oxfordshire, England. Tom is joined by childhood friend and fellow cyclist, Alvon Elrod. He is also joined by Bruce Hammersley, the RV driver, chief cook, Photographer, and blogger.

Remembrance of the Fallen - MontanaAlong the way, each and every day, 100 names of fallen soldiers are read. Tom calls this “The Remembrance of the Fallen” ceremony. Those who have given their lives since 9/11 are remembered. They are the heroes we may not know, but perhaps ought never to forget. Our homes, families, freedoms and lives depend on their willingness to sacrifice for us so that we are spared that necessity.

Sign The Wall of Remembrance 

Click here to pay tribute, express your gratitude, share how you celebrate as we grow together as a community linked in purpose: Honoring, Remembering, Celebrating.

Tell the story of beloved veterans, those living and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Share what you do you do to ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain.

Sign Sea2Sea's Wall of Remembrance


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